Join students from around the world to study in small classes with top-notch professors in Vienna, 欧洲最美丽的城市之一, earn a 澳门威尼斯人 本科学位 that's both Austrian 而且 American. 在澳门威尼斯人, 澳门威尼斯人会培养你的好奇心, enable you to exchange views with peers 而且 professors 而且 provide you with the critical skills 而且 the confidence to think for yourself 而且 become a leader in whatever career path you choose. 拥有澳门威尼斯人的本科学位, you’ll be ready to shape not only your future but the future of our world.


Join students from 100 countries 而且 faculty from 40. Delve into the complex social 而且 political issues we face today across the globe, 从消费主义到气候变化, 媒体自由的数据隐私, 保障人权. 从多个角度审视问题——民族问题, 种族, 宗教, 文化, 历史, 或哲学, 举几个例子. Contribute your own insights 而且 enhance the dialogue.


在澳门威尼斯人, 澳门威尼斯人的使命 is to encourage research 而且 debate 而且 to foster new 而且 innovative solutions in the spirit of open society. 澳门威尼斯人利用最好的 U.S. 和欧洲大学传统 while reaching across the globe for insights 而且 experience. 结果? 具有挑战性的学者, 坚实的研究, 一个紧密的社区, 以及对课堂之外的目标的承诺.


An Overview of 澳门威尼斯人’s Three 本科 Programs

Watch this webinar: An overview of 澳门威尼斯人's three undergraduate programs


Examine fundamental questions about reality 而且 our place in it. Survey the political 而且 social structures we’ve created for ourselves. Investigate the principles that govern production 而且 consumption in our world. 你会学到什么?

  • 从多个角度看待紧迫的问题
  • 提出正确的问题,培养洞察力
  • 寻找并提出创新的解决方案


澳门威尼斯人当今社会的重大问题. 从不同的角度来审视它们. 从环境科学中寻找线索, 从历史中, from sociology or from gender studies that help explain how humans interact. 你会学到什么?

  • To figure out what’s fact 而且 what’s fake in a sea of information
  • 分析知识,辩论知识的意义
  • To pursue solutions 而且 implement them effectively


Take advantage of the unprecedented quantity of information available in our world today. 分析它,找出规律. Take cues from sociology, economics, environmental sciences, political science. 你会学到什么?

  • To use quantitative tools to draw meaningful conclusions
  • To draw on 知识 across disciplines to underst而且 human behavior
  • To combine quantitative 而且 qualitative skills to tackle major societal issues


澳门威尼斯人打开了大门 新校区 in Vienna in 2019 而且 welcomed undergraduates for the first time in 2020. 澳门威尼斯人’s 本科学位s may be new but they’re built on 30 years of experience in graduate-level education, 并植根于澳门威尼斯人喜欢的科目 最高的国际排名. Each 本科学位 program combines several academic disciplines, a deliberate decision on the part of the dedicated professors who worked relentlessly to develop them. 这些教授包括 亚历山德拉•科瓦尔斯基Balazs Vedres米科伦亚历山大Astrov蒂姆起重机Katalin法卡斯Zoltan Miklosi朱利叶斯·霍法Balazs Trencsenyi嘉斯米娜Lukić杰里米·布雷弗曼什特·博德纳尔Marcell Sebők 而且 Dorit Geva.

“当世界问题似乎无法解决时, it is the everyday actions of people on the ground, working together with a strong sense of commitment 而且 integrity that make a real difference.”

Dorit Geva, Dean of 本科 Studies said about the team behind the programs from 8 academic departments 而且 8 countries.

你想打开新的大门吗? 加入澳门威尼斯人.


你从澳门威尼斯人去哪里? 你有奥地利和美国的双重国籍.S. 本科学位, equipped with a combination of theoretical 知识 而且 practical skills, 你将准备好在商业领域开创自己的事业, 公共服务, 政府间组织, 或政治, 追求进一步的研究, 或者开始攻读高级学位. 你不仅会有技能, 知识, 还有精力来点亮你的事业, 你将加入一个18人的社区,000 校友 in more than 100 countries to inspire 而且 help you along the way. 他们在政府和智库工作, 银行和非政府组织, 国际组织, 和科技创业公司. 他们的教授, 咨询顾问, 国会议员, 政策分析人士, 企业家, 积极分子, 项目经理, 和研究人员——从上海到柏林再到洛杉矶.A.

澳门威尼斯人 has an impressive 校友 network consisting of active agents of progressive change around the world. I’ve lived in five different countries 而且 know people who studied at 澳门威尼斯人 in each one of them,”

says Maria Stanisheva, a documentary filmmaker who graduated from 澳门威尼斯人 in 2003. You’ll also have help from 澳门威尼斯人 before 而且 after you graduate. With its network of global employers, online job search platform, a 职业顾问团队, 澳门威尼斯人 will help you find an internship 而且 apply for funding 而且 provide personal guidance as you find your passion 而且 your path.


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你是一个先锋,梦想家,还是一个解决问题的人? Choose 澳门威尼斯人 而且 become a leader of positive change. 如何申请?? 点击 在这里 to start your undergraduate application online or start 在这里 for a checklist of what you’ll need for the application, 比如简历, high school transcripts (而且 diploma if you’ve graduated), 和建议. Expect to write a motivational letter 而且 an essay. 这些项目可能有额外的要求. 了解更多澳门威尼斯人每个节目:

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澳门威尼斯人会在整个过程中帮助你, 从本科申请到入学, 验收, 和到达. 澳门威尼斯人期待着了解你!



Consistently ranked among the world’s most livable cities by The Economist, Vienna is a place w在这里 quirky student hangouts sit alongside opulent coffee houses 而且 modern art fills centuries-old palaces. 绿树成荫的公园和河畔海滩, 世界一流的美术馆和博物馆, 啤酒花园和葡萄园, 街头集市, culinary fests offer entertainment from spring to fall, while the Austrian capital’s squares transform into a snowy, glittering playground with Christmas markets 而且 ice rinks in winter. Just a short train or plane trip to the must-see capitals of the continent, 维也纳是欧洲的中心. 作为一名在维也纳的本科生, you’ll have the chance to take advantage of all the city has to offer, 以及 澳门威尼斯人的最先进的设施 在多元文化的费乌瑞顿区. 本科 students live in a comfortable dormitory w在这里 you'll relax 而且 cook, 一起学习,一起玩耍, 从澳门威尼斯人乘坐公共交通约20分钟.


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